Blockchain + Sports Platform Business Model

JBT is cryptocurrency based in ERC20.

Jukebucks provides differentiated services from existing sports betting platforms by providing real-time data on various mixed sports and various sports games, sound of the game field, bio information of the players and betting on the players or teams that support them .

Jukebucks JBT coin operated in the ecosystem is used to prevent unfair practices such as insider trading and bots that can hurt the nature of the game.


JBTJukebucks Token

Jukebucks provides differentiated services from existing sports betting platforms by providing real-time data on various mixed sports and various sports games, sound of the game field, bio information of the players and betting on the players or teams that support them .


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World Poker Fund Holdings

勇士的荣耀 Glory of heroes
勇士的荣耀 Glory of heroes


World Kungfu Association
Others Patner


Social media


Un Chan, Lee Founder

- Graduated from Naval Academy Marine Corps Service
- Former Nico Zooplaster CEO
- Former head of Beijing, Korea
- Former Rwen Ink culture verb
- Present World Asia Pacific President and Executive Member of Kung Fu Association
- Current vice president of korea muaythai kickboxing

Travis Guevara Kasper Advisor

- U.S. lawyer, Chairman and CEO of World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc (WPFH)
- Experience in productions for film & TV programs.
- Graduated from Chapman University Film Production (B.F.A)
- Loyola Law School, J.D.
- L.L.M for taxation at Georgetown University Law Center

Rogelio “JB” Bangsil Jr Advisor

- Casino Gaming Project and Marketing Specialist in the Philippines.
- Registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the Philippines (a member firm of Ernst & Young Glob
- Worked for more than 25 years at the Philip-pine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)
- General Manager of several gaming operations and Managing Head of the Gaming De-partment of PAGCOR.

Kim beom jun Advisor

- Department of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University
- PhD, the graduate school of Tokyo University
- Professor of mechanical engineering at Tokyo University
- Director of Kim lab at Tokyo University

Kenneth Manubay Advisor

- Founder and CEO of Picking Duck (sports betting contest app)
- CEO of Disk Drive Solutions
- Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic University

Marcus Ko Advisor

- Experience in mobile, wireless, automotive, finance, and strategic business development.
- Worked with leading global enterprises and prominent celebrities in Asia and USA (Michael Jackson, Jackson Five, Lady Gaga, Chaka Khan, Sony Music Entertainment, B’z, AI)
- Graduated from UCLA: Majored in Political Science (Chinese politics and history) and Economics

Satoshi Ashibe Advisor

- PR Manager
- Born in Tokyo, Japan
- Freelance reporter of various magazines such as "Sports Graphic Number" and "Weekly Bunshun"
- Many editorials on mixed martial arts
- Have a lot of experience in crypt money investment

Kim Woo Jeong Advisor

- certified public accountant (KICPA)
- Graduated from Korea Univ. of Economics
- Deloitte Korea : Finance department (Audit operation)
- Hanmi Accounting Co. : Auditing(Interim audit, Enterprise valuation)
- With Accounting Co. : Auditing(Business survey, valuation, recovery and Auditing services)

Seo hyun chul Team

- Seoul National University of Science and Technology / Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (‘94)
- Carnegie Mellon University ETC (Entertainment Technology Center)
- Samsung Electronics (1994 ~ 2015)
- the part leader of Service development group, Wireless Division (‘15)
- the leader of game development group, gaming service team, Media Solution Center (’12~’14)
- the part leader of mobile game, Contents operations team, Media Solution Center (‘10~’11)
- Development&commercialization of mobile games recording service ‘GameCast’, the introduction of Smart TV version Unity3D engine and product application
- Development and commercialization of Samsung Apps game category store, development and commercialization of Smart TV game platform

Kim kyoung ho Team

- 22 years of career in Embedded& Mobile S/W Development
- Development of Mobile App Service (Mobile Cashbee)
- Happy pianist for kakao development PM and server development
- Samsung Smart TV version game development PM
- Development of Mobile romantic/horror/mystery simulation
- Development of mobile visual noble specialty engine and Tool
- Development Manager & Director, M dream Co., Ltd
- Development and Operations of KTF Mobile game ranking sever

Lim jae hong Team

- 17 years of career in Samsung Electronics contents service planning (2000 ~ 2016)
- Business Planning of Samsung Electronics tablet version Children Contents service
- Director of mobile game development (Total 20 species, downloaded by 430m)
- Mobile game recording service ‘Game Cast’ marketing/operations
- Online game ‘Dungeon and Fighter' publishing PM (accumulated profit on sales W600 billion)

Sang Hun, Jung Team

- University of Georgia BA (Public Health/Language)
- Tri Viet Broadcasting corporation (Vietnam)
- Studio Tones Inc

Joseph D. Hugh Team

- Graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
- Daiwa Securities International Finance Department
- Head of International Finance Team, Daeyu Regent Securities
- Ho-Woong Chung, CEO, Financial Services

Sim Gui-seop Team

- Byucksan Construction Co., Ltd.: Computerized Management
- Daewoo Communication Co., Ltd.: agency management, sales
- CryptoTrading Platform : Core Engineering Director
- Machine Learning & AI Platform Specialist

Lee Chang kook Team

- Graduated from Yonsei University Graduate School of Economics
- Yonsei University, Department of Economics, Sang Kyou University
- Entrue Consulting Partners (LG Group): Business Consulting In Finance
- Meritz Securities Co., Ltd. Head of Corporate Finance Team, IB Business Division
- Golden Bridge Investment Securities Co., Ltd. IB Team Manager, Corporate Finance Division
- Hyundai Commercial (Hyundai Motor Group) Corporate Finance Division

Sohn Il-young Team

- Visuals Co., Ltd.: site, textbook planning and design
--GTMC: Manager, Site Planning & Design
- RiCommet Co., Ltd: Team Manager, Site, Event, Various Print Planning and Design
- Daesu Corporation: Team Manager, Site Planning, Design Work

Choi Yong ki Team

- Shinhan, Dongyang, DB Life Advertising Agency AE
- KT & G advertising agency AE


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